Sunday, December 8, 2013

No More Split Personas

I've been spending the past few weeks taking my three author personas: Maggie Lynch, Maggie Faire, and Maggie Jaimeson and making them one--one website, one Facebook page, oneTwitter account, a primary Goodreads page where I can manage all my books, and one Pinterest page.  It has been an all consuming endeavor, but I am SO glad I did it. I was exhausting myself trying to find unique things to say on 9 media places and remembering to keep up with them all.  I really feel so much more free now--unfurled from a split persona.

It got me to thinking about how all of us really do have different personas that we share with the world.  Even if you aren't a writer with multiple names, you rarely share the exact same person every where.  If you have children, you don't share everything with them. There is the role of "parent" you must become. The person I am as a writer also isn't all of me. There is also the wife person and step-mother person and teacher person. Each of these roles is till me, but not the whole me.  When I think about it, nobody gets the whole me--not even my husband. There are things I reserve for certain people and groups, things that other people or groups don't really care or need to know about me.

Not that I'm hiding things. The truth is not everything is interesting to each person or group. Hey, some things about me aren't even interesting to me!

If I had to say where the real me is most revealed, it is probably in my writing--sometimes even without me realizing it until the book is done. Sure I make up places and people and circumstances; but the emotion is mine--the reaction of the protagonist to the situation is mine. It has to be or I couldn't make it believable. Also the underlying belief that good will always triumph over evil and that love will win in the end is all me. The real me. It is what keeps me going every day.

How about you? What are your different personas? Do they ever become confusing or is it easy to maintain the different roles in your life? Do you ever feel that one of the personas is taking over and you need to fight it back?  Imagine how our fictional characters must feel with all of that too.


Paty Jager said...

I've grown up with different personas. As a child living in a small community, everyone knew what you did and if word got back to your parents you were in trouble. So I grew up as the good little girl. So some of my childhood friends are astounded by what I write. And when I'm with other writers, I have a reserved, professional persona I try to show. When I'm in the public, as my writer self, I try to be open and giving. But under it all I'm an introvert and would prefer to just stay hibernated in my house and be me.

Anonymous said...

Paty, I'm glad to know there is another "good girl" sufferer. :) I was actually called a "good-two-shoes" all through high school because I wouldn't participate in the drinking and such some of the people did. Hooray for times to just be you! I think everyone can identify with that.

jamie said...

Congratulations on the Herculian effort of combining 9 different social media outlets. You always imprese me.
As for revealing ourselves... yes, our stories, and also our syntax, reveals us -- whether or not we want to be revealed :)