Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Fun by Paty Jager

Ten days to Christmas! I've wavered back and forth over the holiday this year. I was excited in October when our son put in for leave and planned to come. We haven't seen his kids in two years. Then the U.S. ran two raids in the Middle East and all leave was revoked at his air base. But I kept my excitement because our daughter who lives in Kodiak and her family were coming for a month.

Slowly that became less and less until they are here for two weeks, one with her in-laws and one with us and they are leaving back home on the 23rd.

At least this year we'll have our oldest daughter and her family close. The last few years we've had to travel five hours to their house for Christmas but this year they are only 20 minutes away. We are doing all the big shindigs at her house. She loves the season and decorates more than I do. And this year with their new house the can have a huge two story Christmas tree.

I didn't put my usual lights outside, less inside, and a small tree. I did all the other decorating I usually do and made the traditional gingerbread family members. I've been baking various "quick breads" that we give to co-workers, neighbors and friends. When our daughter and her kids get here we'll make sugar cookies in Christmas time shapes. They'll help me decorate and we'll make a big mess int eh kitchen but it will be the highlight of my Christmas!

What is your favorite family Christmas time fun?

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