Sunday, November 17, 2013

Concentration is Hard to Come By by Paty Jager

Concentration lately has been hard to come by. I tend to flit from one "to do" thing to the next and not "lighting" on the work in progress and adding words to it.

Part of this lack of concentration is the time of year. It is always harder for me to remain focused on one thing once the weather turns colder and I start thinking about the family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The two families that are military are hard to pin down if they will be home or not. Then there's my mother-in-law who wants to know what we're doing for Thanksgiving. I'm waiting to find out if the local daughter and her family will be around. If they will be here, that makes a difference in who else we will invite. Some of the older folks we would invite don't do well around our ADHD granddaughter. But if our daughter's family are going to her in-laws then we can invite the older folks.

And Christmas this year will be in two parts because our daughter and her family who live in Kodiak will be here in December but leaving on the 23rd. So when do I have my brother bring my dad down?  And since my brother will leave my dad here for us to long do I want him to stay? With the Kodiak family headed home on the 23rd, when do we have their Christmas? What do we serve? Will we have the event at our daughter's who will have the large Christmas tree cut from her grandmother's yard or will it be at my house?

I know Christmas day will be spent at our daughter's.

And so with such family dilemma flashing in my head it's no wonder my writing is suffering.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Paty Jager


Danita Cahill said...

We will have double Thanksgivings. One with my husband, one without since he has to work.

Christmas is yet a mystery to be solved...

There will be a get together with my brothers and their families, and with my husband's family, but when is not yet nailed down. Since we have young kids, we like to stay home on Christmas for the stockings and all.

Good luck figuring yours all out!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

You are blessed with a choice of riches. :) Thanksgiving is always our big family days. We will go to my parents in Salem as they no longer travel well. Various aunts, uncles, cousins, and one other sister will join us.

Christmas has always been individual family time. Though with our sons on the east coast, we will again go down to Salem to make sure Mom and Dad are having a good Christmas. I would love to have them here, but they don't do stairs well and we have no bathroom on the main floor. Must get a one story house!