Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coffee: My Magic Elixir

As of today it’s been two months since I gave up my morning coffee. And even though I haven’t declared myself 100% caffeine free, breaking from my morning habit of decades has been both a hellish and exhilarating.

I never thought I could live without coffee. My first-ever cup of the stuff was at Dairy Queen. Fourteen-years old and desperate to appear more grown up, I hated the taste. Yet I clearly remember the fireworks that went off in my brain as I sipped the hot liquid. I was hooked.

For a short time – a month – I gave up coffee while I worked swing shifts. By swing shifts, I mean 90% graveyard shifts. Luckily, I moved, found another job,  and plugged the coffee pot back in. 

But this summer I had a health concern. As it turns out, coffee has been linked to fibroid tumors.  Given the chance to turn a corner health-wise I figured this was my best option. Total detox.  Beginning with coffee, which I knew I was drinking too much of anyway.  

The new morning routine around is all about decaf tea, and once in a while a an afternoon cup of Teecchino, an herbal “coffee” which isn’t really coffee at all. I miss real coffee.  I don’t crave it like I used to, but as a compromise, I’ve decided two cups of coffee a month – one every two weeks, is acceptable.  A reward for finishing a project, reaching a writing goal… or just celebrating a new haircut.  On those days you’ll find me at Pete’s coffee, savoring every delightful sip of life’s magical elixir called COFFEE. 

Got a vice you can’t give up? Or one that you’ve given up? 
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Anonymous said...

You are past the worst part--the first three weeks is the withdrawal period. I gave up coffee for 30 years because caffeine was linked to breast cancer. Then researchers decided it wasn't and my doctor actually recommended I start drinking it again to help a different health concern. But in moderation. That means no more than two cups.

I didn't miss it those 30 years, but once I got back to it I must say I'm just as addicted as before only in moderation. :)

Danita Cahill said...

I used to be a pot a day coffee drinker, but I also had problems with too much caffeine, as well as the oils in coffee. I've switched to instant. I have two cups in the morning at half strength, which is equal to one regular cup. I don't have problems if I stick to that. If I try to drink more, I suffer for it.

I feel your pain. I also suffer from fibroid tissue.

Jamie said...

Danita and Maggie, thanks for your comments. I have to say there are mornings, especially COLD mornings, where I feel that old craving kick in, but so far resisted the urge.

Susan Lute said...

Jamie, you're a brave lady. I'll give up a lot, but not my coffee as it turns out :)