Sunday, August 25, 2013

Palm Reading

My family entered our 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible in a car show earlier this month. Besides the car show going on at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon, there was also a flea market.

After we got the car registered and parked, and our lawn chairs set up, we wandered through the flea market. I had my camera strapped around my neck, as I so often do. And when an attractive, 30-something man asked me a question, I thought he'd said, "Can I see your camera?"

"What?" I asked back.

"Can I see your palm?"

"Oh. Uh, okay." I flipped my right hand over and he held it and began doing a reading.

It was unexpected, but interesting.

I have had my palm read exactly one other time. That was last November at the book launch party for my romantic suspense novel, "Mist." My friend, Susan posed as a fortuneteller (there is a fortuneteller in my book) and read palms. Susan is not actually a palm reader, although she did read up on the subject and she dressed the part.

So, while this male fortuneteller was running a finger along the lines on my palm and telling me the sort of person I am - very good communicator, kind, caring to the point of sometimes caring more for others than for self - I was comparing what he said to what Susan had "read." Her reading was more about the amazing success I would have in the future.

My husband and sons were hanging out as the male palm reader did his thing. "You are the leader of your household," he said.

That one didn't set so well with my husband.

I asked the palm reader about my life line. He said it was long, but I would have a big decision late in life and then I would come back. He tried to usher me into his booth for a more in-depth tarot card reading about the life line question, but tarot cards freak me out, so I passed.

The car show was a satisfying (we won a trophy and several raffle prizes) but a long day in the sun ( I sunburned my knees of all things). To help pass the time we wandered through the flea market a second time that afternoon. The tarot card booth was gone. Instead, my palm reader was manning a booth selling ceramic skulls and other knick knacks.

Very interesting, indeed.

Have any of you ever had your palm read? If so, what did the psychic say about you?


Paty Jager said...

Yes, I had my palm read at your book launch. ;) And the reading was a bit off. But it was fun. She didn't believe I had four children she only saw two on my hand. And some of the other things she said were close but not quite on.

I've always had a fascination for what I call gypsy life. Palm reading, crystal balls, seeing into the future, even though I don't want to know what happens in my future, I like the idea of someone being able to know.

Caroline Clemmons said...

No, I never have. I do believe there are some persons who can read palms, but think most are bunkum artists.

Danita Cahill said...

Funny about the two kids, Paty! My cousin wouldn't let her read his palm at the book launch. He was scared of her until I told him she wasn't a real fortuneteller!

Danita Cahill said...

Bunkum artists. I like that phrase, Caroline. Hadn't heard it before.

Jamie said...

My palm has markings for two children. Hmmmm, maybe the palm reader meant dogs?

Maggie Faire said...

I come from a family that is split down the middle. My mother believes in all things fortune telling. She has dabbled in Palm Reading, Numerology, Tarot and definitely claims some psychic gifts. My father is a definite skeptic on everything EXCEPT my mother's psychic gifts.

As a child, I had my palm read at every opportunity (that was FREE) to compare to various things my mother would tell me. I was fascinated by it.

I do think must of it is made up fun. As for mother being psychic--I do think she has a gift of some kind. The good news is she only tells all of us kids about good things that are going to happen. So I definitely WANT to believe her. :)

Susan said...

I haven't had my palm read, but I have two tarot decks; one given to me years ago by a dear friend, and a newer dragon deck. It's spooky sometimes, how close the readings come :)

Danita Cahill said...

Susan, you should try having your palm read. If you're open to tarot cards, you'd probably enjoy the experience.

Danita Cahill said...

Maggie - I love the story of how your dad is a skeptic about all things supernatural, except your mother's abilities. That says to me that he truly believes in your mom. Romantic!