Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working In My Jammies...

It's funny how things come in threes. Eleven hours ago (PST, 7:53pm on Sunday), August
McLaughlin posts on Facebook...Caffeine calms me and I have serious trouble reading sitting still. What's one of the quirkiest things about you? Here's my response...I work at home, but I get dressed like I'm going into the office...mostly. If I get out in the garden first, I pull weeds in my jammies.

Five hours ago, I'm at a family pot luck for the son-in-law's birthday, and...who even remembers how it came up in conversation, but I pipe up with, “I LOVE shopping for jammies.” The daughter adds, “Yeah, don't even let her in the pajama department.” Lots of good-natured laughter ensued. I can't lie. I love jammies.

None of this has much to do with writing books, but when I was thinking about what topic to write about for my next Windtree Press blog, I began to wonder, how many writers out there work in their jammies? And if you do, which ones are your favorites? Mine are pink and grey with Minnie Mouse splashed across the top. These jammies can be worn year around. A good buy I'd say.

So on another topic, I've decided to eat better. Actually I decided this about once a week, but I'm serious this time (I hope). I've had more carbs and sugar in two days than anyone in their right mind should have in a month. So for dinner, steamed veggies: broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and rainbow slaw; topped w/unsalted butter, chicken, and cubed fuji apple. The sugar withdrawal will start tomorrow, but tonight, I'm going to enjoy. Any good ideas for sugar free, and low salt meals?



Paty Jager said...

I'm a pajama girl too. I would rather shop for pjs than any other piece of clothing. Oh, and slippers. I keep my pjs on in the morning through my usual routine of checking emails and blogs, then through breakfast and finally I put some clothes on. At night, as soon as I'm done with outside chores, I'm in my jammies. I like being comfortable. If I didn't have outside chores that dealt with hay and animals, I'd probably live in pjs. I write better when I'm comfortable.

As for healthy eating, don't eat packaged products and when you bake and cook go light on the salt and use alternative sweetening like honey.

I prefer bright colors and comfortable fabrics for my pjs.

Fun post!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

I definitely need to go Jammie shopping. My DH hangs out all day in sweats and a t-shirt. To go out he puts on jeans and keeps the t-shirt.

I hang out in sweats but they are often too hot. I've been thinking I'd love to get a pair of scrubs. They would double as jammies and hang out around house.

If I find I'm having a particularly rough day of working at home, I will put on "real" clothes meaning jeans and a tshirt. Somehow it makes me concentrate better. Who knows why.

On food, how about if I loan you my DH for a week? He cooks for me (Thank God) and because he has high cholesterol and high blood pressure he cooks healthy.

Not that his healthy cooking has helped my weight. That has to do with getting the butt out of the chair and walking or moving in some way. Anyone up for a dance party?

Susan said...

Yup, Paty, you're a woman after my own heart :)

Maggie, the daughter does most of the cooking here, but we are starting up Zumba on the Wii. Now that will get your blood flowing :)

Jamie said...

I'd like to suggest a Windtree Press shopping Day where we meet at the mall and go jammie shopping!!!

Susan said...

I'm there :) Just name a date and time, lol.