Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independent Spirits by Jamie Brazil...Name This Drink!

Happy 4th of July!  Whatever your plans are for the day – whether you are working or taking the day off – I hope you'll to take a moment to reflect on independence and what it means to you. 

For me, it’s a turning point.  Okay, it's not quite like Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence... my battle is with publishing. With the help of Windtree Press, a cooperative of indie authors, I'm declaring my freedom from traditional publishers, the agent gatekeepers, and those that control what we can and can't read. Tom hated taxation without representation. Well, I'm willing to give up the representation, too.
So I’d like to raise a glass and share a recipe on this fine day of publishing independence.  In a blog earlier this week I mentioned how I liked to drink an alcoholic beverage and read in the evenings.   As a BIG fan of tropical concoctions, I’m always experimenting.  Lately, I’ve been keen on this mix:

1 shot coconut vodka

6 oz. Virgil’s Zero Cream Soda (I use the “Zero” not to curb calories, but because the taste is more subtle than their regular blend)

A generous squirt of lime

Mint leaves (I use a “chocolate mint” my mom sent me… grows like weeds… want some?)

I’d like to proclaim this the official cocktail of Windtree Press.  But there’s no name for this drink. Not yet.  Suggestions? 




Paty Jager said...

I like the idea of Windtree Pres having our own drink. And tropical at that! A name... can't think of one. Hopefully someone else can. Fun post for the 4th!

Melia Alexander said...

What an awesome idea! How about "Taste of Freedom" for a name?

jamie said...

Melia, that's a fabulous name!

Susan said...

How about Coconut Sublime?

Anonymous said...

I like anything with Freedom in the name. :) Maybe combine Susan and Melia for Free the Nuts. Wait a minute, Coco the Free. Sublime Freedom (with Nuts). :)