Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wisdom (Teeth)

I’ve decided that getting teeth extracted is not for sissies.

I had all four wisdom teeth yanked on Thursday. I exchanged the molars for four gaping holes in the back of my jaws, and I’m already mourning any possible wisdom that might have gone the way of the missing teeth.

It’s not like I had wisdom to spare in the first place.

My dentist had been trying to talk me into having the teeth pulled for years. I resisted. After all, I have a big mouth. My jaws were large enough to hold my wisdom teeth without the molars growing sideways or overly crowding the other teeth.

“But they’re hard to work on,” my dentist complained.

Wah, said I. They make chewing steak easier.

The teeth weren’t impacted. They weren’t causing me any pain. But they were hard to clean around. All four had fillings and two of the teeth recently broke.

It was time to bite the bullet.

So my husband waited in the waiting room while the oral surgeon and his team did their thing. I chose the sleeping option. Go to sleep a whole person, wake up missing four chunks of yourself, plus some hard-earned wisdom. Dang it.

My good friend, Paty sent me a get well card with an owl on the front. My grandma Aggie collected owls. I asked her once why she liked owls so much. She said because they seemed so wise. I’m trying to decide whether Paty was trying to make some sort of statement about me losing my wisdom with a wise old owl card, or if it was just her way of saying, “Nah, nah, na, na, nah!”

Just kidding. Paty isn’t that sort of person. I’m positively, absolutely, almost completely sure she meant nothing but well wishes with the owl card.

All kidding aside, there was a positive result among the bed rest, soft foods and pain meds. I pretended I was having a writers retreat in my room all by myself. And in between the surges of pain and the surges of sleepiness from the pain medication, I wrote. And wrote. Ate some pudding, rinsed with lukewarm salt water and wrote some more.

I got the rough draft of an 11,000 word short romance story finished while laid up – “Love at First Click.” Paty helped me name it. I think it was her way of making up for that “Nah, nah, na, na, nah!” comment.
; ) Ha! Really, truly just kidding, Paty. Seriously, I loved the card.


Maggie Faire said...

Didn't know you were getting wisdome yanked. Ouch! Glad to see your sense of humor didn't disappear with it.

Paty Jager said...

The owl card was sent because when I looked at it it made me smile(it was a cute horned owl who looked surprised. I thought it would make you smile and feel better. Now had I had ulterior motives... yes, you have lost some wisdom but it seems having those teeth removed has sped up your writing! I think it was a good trade!

Karen Duvall said...

Ouchy! I've heard that can be painful. I was born without wisdom teeth, never had them, and my son doesn't have them either. I hear that makes us more "evolved." LOL. Sorry you had to go through such torture, Danita! Hugs!