Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ideas are like weather... by Paty Jager

Ideas are like weather. Some days are shiny and bright with ideas, characters, and scenes abounding in my head. But some days there are storm clouds, hurricanes, and tornadoes invading my mind and not allowing me to think creative thoughts. Those are the days I could use a good rain to wash the nasty weather away or even a good brisk wind to blow them away and bring back the sunshine and ideas.

My best ideas come when I'm doing busy work. You know the kind. Washing the windows, the floor, or painting a room. When my mind is detached from the actual work, I can conjure up scenes for a book I'm working on, or characters cavort in my head saying they need a book. When I'm raking hay, scenes will come to me and I'll stop the tractor and jot them down in my ever-present notebook I carry when driving a tractor. The monotonous back and forth driving in a field with the steady "put-put" of the tractor or "ka-chunk, ka-chunk" of the baler seems to feed my imagination.

But when I have a multitude of tasks to accomplish or feel the pressure of deadlines, it is harder to make the creative side of my mind work. That's when I have to take a step or two back from the pressures, do a little yoga breathing, and collect my priorities. Family, health, and home. Once I get back on track the creative ideas start flowing once again.

What works for you when life is hectic and you feel pulled in a hundred directions?

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Danita Cahill said...

I know what you mean about working under deadline pressure and the stress of it sort of wiping away the creative process.

Quiet time alone recharges me. Taking a drive, a nap or even a hot shower gives me enough time to turn inward and let the creative process feed me. Or me feed the creative process. I'm not sure exactly how it works...