Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Anniversaries

This week two Windtree Press Authors celebrate wedding anniversaries--Paty Jager on the 12th and myself on the 15th.  I love remembering my wedding and I love thinking about all the romantic things my husband has done over the years.  Most important of all, I simply treasure setting aside a time each year where we think about our marriage, renew a committment for the future, and celebrate our memories and our time together. 

This picture was taken outside the castle, turned county seat, where we got married in Dunoon, Scotland. For those unfamiliar with Scotland this is in the highlands, part of Argyle county.

It was a magical time of connecting with our heritage, seeing a part of the world neither of us had visited before and enjoying a couple of weeks away from the daily grind of work, careers, and family obligations. We had both been married before, so we wanted to really focus on us as a couple.

Though we don't often go to such an exotic place on our anniversaries now, we do still take the time every year to focus on ourselves as a couple. So what did we do this year? We decided to make a week of it instead of a single day.  Friday we spent time at home in some remembering of the past and some planning for the future. Saturday we took time to garden, something we love to do together. It was time to make sure the hop vines (my husband is a home brewer) were tied up and the new growth was training to the string, and to prepare our pots for spring flowers. Sunday, we went to church and celebrated the wonderful gifts of all nurturing people, mother's and fathers. Sunday evening we went to dinner at a favorite pub that celebrates local musicians with an open mic night (more on that later).

Much of this week we will do things separately, as is our usual weeks, with the except of Tuesday evening when we will go to dinner again, this time at a more quiet venue where we can talk and eat and enjoy a "date" together and a more "official" anniversary celebration. 

Tonight I go to a book group. Wednesday my husband rehearses with one of the two groups where he plays guitar.  Thursday he rehearses with our church choir, and the culmination of the week will be back at our local pub next Sunday with music and the two groups my husband sings and plays with.

If you are near the west end of the Portland metropolitan area, stop by Coyote's Bar and Grill, in Hillsboro, Sunday at 7pm and catch us with The Blenders (an acoustic trio), and The Cat House Band, a classic rock and roll band. I'll be the ecstatic roadie and fan singing, clapping, enjoying fun music, good food, and yes a couple of beers too. 

What makes for a great marriage? Appreciating each other's gifts. Celebrating together. Remembering all the wonderful things you like about each other, even in your daily lives. Doing things together whenever you can. Doing things separately and building an identity that is separate, so you can bring additional interest into the relationship.

Accepting that you really DO get better as you get older. You can choose to be wiser. You can choose to love each other more and make all those little picadilloesyou hate into funny moments and "that is just who he/she is" memories

And of course, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in all its mysterious incarnations.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post, Maggie! Sounds like you two had a wonderful anniversary.

Happy anniversary to Paty and her hubby, too!

Danita Cahill

Paty Jager said...

Wow! It would be great if we could celebrate for a week! Congrats on your anniversary! We went out to dinner. Had planned to go to a movie but hubby works six days a week this time of year and he couldn't get off early. So we had dinner, walked around enjoying the shopping area an driver walk, then drove back home leisurely stopping for ice cream.

And I agree, it's each of our strength's that make us a good combo.

Maggie Faire said...

It was fun doing this post. My husband has an amazing memory for places and events (unlike me). Yesterday, the actual date of our anniversary, the weather was rainy and he said: "This is just like our wedding day. Do you remember we were worried about whether it would rain all day. But it stopped at just the right times for pictures, or when we went to dinner, and rained the other times." He then shared other memories of that day from the people we met to the places we went after the ceremony.

I had forgotten about the weather, as well as some of the details of places we visited. I remember the vows and what we wore and the castle. I remember where we went for dinner and what we talked about, but not much of the details (or setting as we writers call it). For me it is romantic that he remembers so much and how even weather can bring them back.