Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kids are a Crack Up

Kids are Comedians in Miniature

No denying it – kids are a crack up.

My two boys, ages five and seven, have me chuckling several times a day. They so innocently utter the most hilarious things.

Of course there are days when they fight and scuffle with one another constantly making me want to pull my hair out and send both boys to their room until they turn 18. But that’s subject matter for another post, isn’t it?

I’ve taken up the habit of writing down the funny stuff. In the past couple of days, here are two little stories I’ve jotted down.

Yesterday my five year old was looking out the window. Apparently evil insects were weighing heavily on his mind.

“Good thing no ear wax can get in here,” he said glancing from the window to me. “Ear wax are bad. They’re pincher bugs to pinch ya.”

Last night our five year old had another close brush with a tiny, multi-legged critter.

This one did make it into the house.

The boys were both in cleaning their room. Let me rephrase. The boys were both supposed to be in cleaning their room. I was making dinner.

The five year old burst into the living room yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! There’s a long Daddy legs in our room!”

My husband went into spider tracking mode and armed himself with a shoe. But the elusive long Daddy legs had scuttled out of sight.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes another appearance soon. Stay tuned!

Besides the two young boys, we also have a daughter. She’s grown and married. I’m sure she said her share of funny things when she was little, too. Wished I written more of them down, but I didn’t. This time around I’m determined to capture and save the hilarious antidotes that pop out of our boys’ mouths. So, I’m writing them all down, to share with them when they’re older, and share with you now.

The first volume of Kids are a Crack Up – Humorous Stories from the Mouths of Babes, is available for pre-order through Windtree Press now, in formats for all ereaders. Cost is just $0.99.




Maggie Faire said...

I'm looking forward to this book.

Danita Cahill said...

Thanks Maggie! I've already started on Kids are a Crack Up, Volume II.

Paty Jager said...

Fun book! Any parent or grandparent will definitely like these books! Keep em coming!